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Enterprise Integration with Spring

Course Code : CEA-ESpring-01

8 Hours

 Course Description

Learn how to use the Spring Framework to create well-designed business applications in an agile manner. This Spring course not only focuses on explaining Spring features and how to use them, but also on fundamental architectural issues. Understand the scope, purpose, and architecture of Spring. Use Spring's Inversion of Control to declare application components, rather than hard coding their states and lifecycles. Use Dependency Injection to further control object relationships from outside the Java code base. Connect business objects to persistent stores using Spring's DAO and ORM modules. AOP Concept

 Course Outlines

  • _hTransaction Managemente_
  • _hObject relation mapping concept (ORM)e_
  • _hSpring JDBCe_
  • _hIntegrate with Hibernatee_
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