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Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML

Course Code :CPA-UML-01

16 Hours

 Course Description

The course covers the basics of SDLC, how to apply OO techniques to model the business problem requirements, OO analysis techniques to build static and dynamic models that fit the application development, OO design techniques to build system, architecture and object design, and UML technique in analysis and design.

 Course Outlines

  • Analysis Activities
    • Requirements Modeling
    • Objects Modeling
    • Classes
    • Associations
    • Inheritance
    • Interaction Diagrams
  • Design Activities
    • System Design
    • Architecture Design
    • Frameworks
    • Design Patterns
    • Object Design
  • UML
    • Introduction
      • Basic Issues in Software Development
      • SDLC Models
      • Structured Methodologies
      • Object-Oriented Context
      • Object-Oriented Methodologies
      • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Basic Rules
    • Use Case Diagram
    • Class Diagram
    • Sequence Diagram
    • Collaboration Diagram
    • Object Diagram
    • State Chart Diagram
    • Activity Diagram
    • Dynamic Model
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