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Samsung Entaleq Kickoff Training

On The Margin of Samsung Entaleq Challenge 2016/2017
We are offering 2 Day Training about the required knowledge to develop Applications for Samsung Devices that are powered by Tizen.

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Java SE Course

Java SE Programming course will start next Saturday, 13/08/2016
Duration: 48 Hours
Timing: Saturday, Monday and Wednesday

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Mobile Developer Weekend 3

MDW is an annual event attracting Mobile Industry Innovative Youth, Professionals, and Businesses through a 3-day conference.

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  • JETS provides training on:
    • JavaTM technologies (JSE, JEE, JME)
    • Java-based web frameworks (Struts, Spring)
    • Mobile platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry)
  • JETS offers
    • Tailored Training Programs for Corporates (More Info)
    • Training for University Students (More Info)
    • Courses and Tracks for beginners and expert developers (More Info)
Mobile Lab:
  • Now you can develop and test your Mobile applications on real mobile devices in JETS Mobile lab for free (More Info)
  • This service is offered to SMEs and freelancer developers
  • The lab is open every day from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Have this rich experience with JETS Mobile lab on different platforms (BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung)
Community Awareness:

JETS contributes to the spreading of JavaTM awareness in Egypt and the Middle East by conducting periodic seminars and workshops on the latest and most challenging topics and technologies in JavaTM and related fields and areas of application. (More Info)

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • University sessions
Technical Consultation:

JETS is glad to announce its service to SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) by providing several consultation services: design, development, and management of academic curricula, internships, and projects. Moreover, we provide mentoring, problem solving, and service enhancement in the project environment. (More Info)

  • Technical consultation for corporates
  • Supervising and Mentoring graduation projects
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