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SAMSUNG Entaleq Achieve

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Together with SAMSUNG, ITI will host "Entaleq Achieve" Event. It is dedicated for professionals seeking to know latest trends on SMART TV and Mobile technologies by SAMSUNG, including S-Pen SDK, AllShare Framework, and much more...
Start        End                     Topic
08:00    09:00            Registration
09:00    09:30            Welcome & Keynote speech
09:30    10:15            Samsung Entaleq Initiative - What is possible with Samsung Developers?
10:15    10:40            Smart TV: SDK Set up, Usage, and Prerequisites
10:40    11:55            Smart TV: SDK Utilities, UI components, Video, Flash, IME and App Eco System
11:55    12:15            Gesture, Voice Recognition, and OCI
12:15    12:45            Coffee break & prayer time
12:45    13:45            S-pen
13:45    14:45            Samsung Adhub
14:45    15:45            Smart TV HHP AllShare and Convergence
15:45    16:45            Lunch
16:45    17:15            Google Cloud Messaging
17:15    17:30            Closing
  • Amit Kumar Singh, Lead Engineer, Samsung Research India
Mr. Amit Kumar Singh is currently the Lead Engineer at Samsung Research India. He is working with Samsung Smart TV Application Eco System team. Mr. Amit contributed in Samsung 2013 Smart TV app Compatibility.
  • Krishna Kishore Neravati, Lead Engineer, Samsung Research India
Mr. Krishna Kishore is currently the Lead Engineer at Samsung Research India. He is responsible for the Smart TV SDK Utilities such as Automatic Testing Tool, SDK Integration, and SDK Evaluation. Mr. Krishna has joined Samsung in 2009. Prior to joining Samsung, Mr. Krishna worked as Senior Software Engineer at Motorola Pvt Ltd.
8th of June, 2013 from 8:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m
ITI Building B148, Smart Village Cairo - Km 28, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Egypt

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