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Java in Egypt and the Middle East

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Java in Egypt and the Middle East

On 30th October 2008, Mr. Daniel J. Berg (Vice President, Distinguished Engineer and CTO Global Sales & Services, Sun Microsystems) accompanied by Mr. Waleed Hosny (Regional Manager of Global Systems Engineering of Sun Microsystems) visited the Information Technology Institute (ITI), where a short seminar was held with the title "Java in Egypt and the Middle East".



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The seminar started by a welcome speech of Dr. Mohamed Salem (ITI Chairman), and ended by presenting the ITI trophy to Mr. Daniel J. Berg.

An introductory presentation about ITI history, activities and objectives was given by Mr. M.Rami Ghorab (JETS Executive Manager) that also included an overview about the center of excellence "Java Education and Technology Services" (JETS).

The visit was concluded by proceeding with the cooperation between Sun Microsystems and ITI.

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