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NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 2 (M2) is now available

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NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 2 (M2) is now available

Now you can download the new NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 2 (M2) and enjoy the new features like:

- Improved code completion for Maven plugin parameters.
- Profiling of Maven based J2EE applications.
- Support for Web Services creation and consumption.

Performance Improvement ("Ergonomic IDE")
- Download the IDE and activate only the functionality that you need, without having all parts loaded by default.

Enhanced Self Diagnosis ("Profile Me Now!")
- The enhanced self diagnostic tool lets NetBeans profile its own performance so you can review the profiler snapshot or send it to the NetBeans team for further analysis.

SVG Improvements in Mobility
- Full support for SVG Rich Components in the Visual Mobile Designer, including landscape mode.

- HeapWalker supports OQL queries to analyze the contents of the heapdump.

C++ Improvements
- Improvements in code assistance for C/C++ projects.
- Support of popular Qt library and tools.

New and Improved Mac OS X Look-and-Feel

Read the complete list of features and enhancements. 
Download NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 2

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