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JETS @ Cairo ICT 2013

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JETS participated in Cairo ICT 2013 with new innovative and interactive workshop about Manipulating NFC Tags in Android in ITI Tech-Kitchen exhibition, where JETS team introduced their delicious meal followed by 30 minutes hands on labs.
With a new innovative funny way of learning and practicing development and tackling the cutting edge IT Technologies, ITI presented ITI Tech-Kitchen. The Tech-kitchen is a lively and interactive technology exhibition that showcases four main training sessions (Android App with NFC Flavor - Mobile Learning - Gaming Development - Breaking down Embedded Systems).

JETS participated in the Tech Kitchen with the "Android App with NFC Flavor" session. The session covered an introduction about the usage of NFC tags in our real life and how they could facilitate our daily settings for our mobile devices with just one tab between the mobile and an NFC Tag. After that JETS team introduced the NFC technology and NFC Tags as well and illustrated how to program and read an NFC Tags from and Android application. After that in less than 30 minutes the audience had hands on labs to develop an Android application that deals with NFC Tags.



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