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JavaOne 2010 Call for Papers Now Open

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JavaOne 2010 Call for Papers Now Open

The JavaOne 2010 call for papers is open now through March 14, 2010. JavaOne 2010 will be held in San Francisco on September 19-23. JavaOne is the premier event for the Java community and allows attendees to explore, share, and collaborate on the latest developments and practices related to Java technology. Speakers will include many of the world?s most respected Java experts - both developers of the technology itself, and applications and systems users. JavaOne will include sessions organized into seven tracks, and individuals are encouraged to submit proposals targeted at one of the seven tracks.

1-     Core Java platform.

2-     JavaSE and Desktop Java.

3-     JavaEE and Enterprise applications.

4-     JavaFX and rich user experience.

5-     JavaME and Mobile.

6-     Java for devices, card, and TV.

7-     The Java frontier.

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