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Java2Days 2010

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The second edition of the international conference Java2Days will be held on 7-8 October 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This year along with Java2Days  there will be organized 2 co-located events Mobile2Days (specialized conference for mobile development) and Cloud2Days (the first international cloud computing event on the Balkans).

The conference is the only of its kind in Eastern Europe, focused to highlight today’s cutting edge trends in building software applications with Java development tools.

Java2Days conference is premier event in Eastern Europe to present the latest trends in Java development in the following areas:

   * Core Java Platform & Desktop
   * Enterprise Java
   * Java & the Cloud
   * Java Web Technologies and Rich User Experience
   * Java for Mobile and Devices

The main goals of Mobile2Days are to present the opportunities of the most common smart phone platforms, best practices and grate popular technologies for developing mobile applications on them.


Cloud2Days will provide valuable content covering the following topics: how to build, manage and control applications in the cloud; how to create and manage cloud infrastructure; key risks and security in a cloud based environment and etc.

Over 25 leading speakers will present over 50 sessions at the three co-located events – that makes them form the major developers’ forum in Eastern Europe. 

The partners of the events are Oracle, IBM and Nokia. Among the sponsors are: VMware, SAP AG, Insitex, Playtech and etc.

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