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RedFX - Remote Data Binding for JavaFX

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RedFX provides functionality that allows JavaFX applications to share data with each other and with server applications without the need of writing lots of specific boiler plate code. RedFX provide synchronization and messaging infrastructure.

There are three approaches using RedFX:

1. RemoteObjects in order to synchronize data between JavaFX clients or between clients and a server application. Both JavaFX client software as well as back-end software can create RemoteObjects. When the value of a RemoteObject is changed by one client or server, the value of all stubs for this RemoteObject are changed.

2. MessageService to publish and consume Objects and events. Both clients as well as server software can create a Channel and publish/consume data. Clients can listen to one or more channels. RedFX multiplexes and demultiplexes the data, and guarantuees that the messages are delivered to the right consumers.

3. WebServiceClient in order to make REST calls to existing back-end systems. This piece contains wrapping functionality on top of the HttpRequest class.

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