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OpenXava 4.0: Rapid Java Web Development

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OpenXava is a free and open source framework for rapid development of business applications using Java. It is easy to learn and one can have an application up in no time. At the same time, OpenXava is extensible, customizable and the application code is structured in a very pure object oriented way, allowing you to develop arbitrarily complex applications.

The OpenXava approach for rapid development differs from those that use visual environments (like Visual Basic or Delphi) or scripting (like PHP). Instead, OpenXava uses a model-driven development approach, where the core of your application is Java classes that model your problem. This means you can stay productive while still maintaining a high level of encapsulation.

The all-new versions of OpenXava, OpenXava 4.0, improve significantly the user experience, producing a Rich Internet Application user interface. Additionally, some interesting improvements have been done for the developers, such as Groovy, JPA 2.0 or Dependency Injection.

OpenXava does not generate code, but it creates the application just-in-time from the domain classes (simple Java or Groovy classes annotated with JPA). Thus, the initial development is rapid, but also the amount of code you have to maintain for all application lifecycle is small always.


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