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It's now available an open source SOA virtualizazion solution

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The first production ready version of SoaBox has been released.

When developing SOA solutions one of the main problems is to have all the complex enviroments and systems available during software development, this leads to mixed production and mocked services in test environment(s) bringing instability and expenses into projects.


Moreover it becomes difficult to test the new code without external factors and to protect the sensitive data and maintain the security.

SoaBox permits you to have a virtual version both of the clients and servers "in any integration/soa environment", removing those problems.

In fact a virtual version guarantees the same operations of the real service (client or server) with which you interact, without the need to have it implemented, working or available.

Furthermore being virtual the data used can't be corrupted and the sensitive data is kept safe.

SoaBox features:

  • WebServices/HTTP/Endpoints virtualization
  • Client Virtualizzation with support for:
  • Filesystem
    • Http
    • Soap
    • JMS
    • Ftp
  • XML Virtualization, with "proprietary" xml templating and/or VelocityWeb based box configuration
  • WSDL import for faster configuration
  • File based
  • Integrable with Ant and Maven
  • SCM friendly (SVN, git, CVS, etc.)

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