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DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.0.0 Released

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DataNucleus Access Platform 3.0.0 is released. Access Platform provides JDO/JPA standards-compliant access to the widest range of datastores for Java applications. It is Apache2 licensed. Access Platform additionally allows configuration of classes to be persisted using JDO annotations/XML/API or JPA annotations/XML providing access to both JDO and JPA persistence. 

APIs regardless of which configuration method was chosen, offering flexibility not seen in any other persistence tool. Querying of the supported datastores can be performed using JDOQL, JPQL or SQL (dependent on the datastore). By making use of standardized APIs, the process of swapping persistence from one datastore to another is a simple URL change when specifying the datastore.

It currently supports persistence to RDBMS, ODBMS (db4o, NeoDatis), Documents (XML, Excel, ODF, OOXML), Web-based (JSON, Amazon S3, GoogleStorage), Map-based (HBase, BigTable, Cassandra, MongoDB) datastores, as well as some others (LDAP).

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