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University Training

University Training:



Within the framework of the development efforts of JETS to raise the efficiency and the use of information technology of Egyptian students , JETS offers specific services to students:


  • Trainig Tracks for Beginners (20% discounts for Students)



  •  Courses:
    • Check the courses catalog here



  • Summer Training
    • JETS offered summer training for the Higher Technological Institute, the 10th Of Ramadan city



  • Orientation Sessions in Universities:
    • ITI and JETS establish protocol with Computer Science Faculty, Cairo University that aims at cooperation between them in the field of training , where JETS offers a series of training programs in the field of Java and Mobile applications.


    • As initiative to participate in sharpening the technical experience of the undergraduate students, JETS held a series of introductory sessions to Java technologies in universities. This University program contains a series of practical workshops.
      • Faculty of Computer Science and Information, Ain Shams University
      • Faculty of Computer Science and Information, Cairo University
      • Faculty of Computer Science and Information, Beni Suef University



If you want to arrange for summer training or orientation session for your faculty:

contact us: 

phone:  (+202) 35355629















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