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JETS Mobile Labs contribute to the spreading of Mobile Applications Development awareness in Egypt and the Middle East 

JETS Mobile labs provide Training, Coaching, Consultancy and Test Bed.


We offer you first-of-a-kind service to test your application on actual mobile devices for free at JETS Mobile Labs in ITI Premises in Smart Village.



If you are a freelancer or running a SME developing mobile applications you know how important it is to test your mobile application functionality on a variety of mobile devices and different platforms. You should also check how the user interface looks on the different devices and in portrait and landscape orientation. This is very important to gain your users' trust and good reviews on the app market as well.


Have this rich experience with JETS Mobile labs on different platforms (Android, BlackBerry, Series 40 Developer Platform and Nokia Asha). Check the links for the details of the available devices and to register your request.  


As well, JETS Mobile Labs provide the chance of testing on Samsung Smart TV

JETS Mobile Labs are open for the developer community every day from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (more evening periods will be available soon)

For training, coaching, support or testing, please contact the lab team lead, Eng. Ahmed Mazen 

Tel: (202) 35355637                        Email:

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For testing your application on the available devices, please register in the following links:  




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