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Meshwark Project

Meshwark Project:


Meshwark is a mobile application that aims to help the user to know the cost of a specific trip made by a taxi in Cairo, with this application the user can know if the real taxi meter calculates the cost right or not. This application protects people from being deceived by the taxi drivers.
Also, the application can predict for a certain trip alternative routes and provide cost, time and distance for each alternative so that the user can choose between them.

Meshwark helps you:

    • Get the total trip cost with a minimum error margin(0.25 - 0.5 L.E).
    • Display the total waiting time.
    • Display the total trip distance.
    • Display the current taxi speed.
    • Display the current location address, to help Cairo visitors.

Meshwark is now available to download for free from

Screenshots from the application:



  1. Mahmoud Amr El-Morabea
  2. Mohammed Ahmed Gharieb
  3. Mohammed Nabil Mohammed
  4. Sara Kamal Sultan


Ahmed Mazen

Nader Mostafa

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