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Manara Project

Manara Project:

Manara is a device mainly for car navigation that is designed to be very flexible to supply all needs, as GPS navigation, Traffic detection, Multimedia player, anywhere alarm (Anti-Theft), live tracking, location-based ads, and even notes and To-Do lists.


  • Navigating.
  • Routing to any place needed.
  • Compatible with Traffic detection apps (e.g. Bey2olak , Wasalny).
  • Location based Ads.
  • Anti-steal (Anywhere Alarm).
  • Allow car owner to find his car current location through (Internet - SMS).
  • Ability to send commands to lock your car remotely.

Screenshots from the application:

manara1    manara 2


  • Ahmed Ali
  • Hany Yehia
  • Mohamed Sobhy
  • Mostafa Abdellatef
  • Sherif Elsayed


Eng. Mohsen Diab

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